Custom Tailors in the Finest Tradition

People who walk confidently through the world have discovered a secret. They have found a custom tailor who combines exceptional quality and service. Their wardrobe is a perfect fit, tailored with the finest in custom shirts,  suits, slacks, jackets, vests and tuxedos. Now that pleasure can be yours.

Have you ever tried to buy suits at your local clothier or shop, but have had problems with sizing and selection? Here at Lambermons Ltd, we understand. We take the time to tailor  suits and custom dress shirts for every individual, including hard-to-fit types. Everyone can benefit from expert custom tailoring: broad shoulders, narrow waist, tall and lanky, short and stocky. You can relax and experience a custom fitting with us, creating a superb bespoke tailored suit  just for you.

This page is still under construction. Please visit us later or give us a call if you need to find out more.  P: 09 5851393